A large, beautiful interior courtyard in the center of Mykonos town hosts Mamalouka bar restaurant Mykonos. The restaurant is located in the cosmopolitan area of ​​Matogianni, just a few steps away from picturesque Little Venice and the sea. It was named after a traditional Mykonian salad, highlighting the local character of the menu and the products used for its dishes.

Mamalouka bar restaurant Mykonos was recently renovated by designer Dimitris Economou. Colorful handmade tiles are used to cover the courtyard floor as well as to decorate the walls, giving a Mediterranean atmosphere to the setting. Different levels accommodate the tables and beautiful dividers create small private dining corners. Tall palm trees decorate the area and aromatic plants, such as basil and lavender, spread their aromas with the help of the cool Mykonian breeze.

The bar of Mamalouka bar restaurant Mykonos is located in a central part of the courtyard, separated from the tables by a distinctive divider and offers quality drinks and exotic cocktails. The venue operates from 12 noon to 2 after midnight serving lunch and dinner at the tables or drinks and cocktails at the bar.

The cuisine of Mamalouka bar restaurant Mykonos is Mediterranean and local. An exquisite wine list, sweet desserts and a unique Oyster Bar will complement your meal. For a main dish try the baked cod fillet in a lemon and truffle crust or risotto Mamalouka with mussels, shrimps and clams. As for side dishes, pick the salmon carpaccio with black truffle and the seafood ceviche with avocado and tamaris.