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The authentic glamorous experience in Mykonos, the most stylish Mykonos Luxury Villas, the unique Grecian ambiance, the exclusive breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea, and the exuberant services in one of the world’s best destinations through MLV representatives.

The cornerstone of MLV philosophy is to personalize our approach and fully comprehend our clients’ criteria and needs so as to assist them in choosing the most appropriate villa in Mykonos and, in combination with top quality and tailor-made services, to offer them unparalleled hospitality.

Our years-long experience in the Tourism Industry and in Villa Rentals in Mykonos along with our innovative ideas and love for traveling has enabled us to adapt our services to the needs of even the most demanding visitors. Our principles revolve around impeccable hospitality and quality service in order to create a unique and unforgettable experience for travelers that seek to discover the unparalleled magic of Mykonos. Our stunning Mykonos Villas are carefully selected according to the highest standards of comfort, privacy, and idyllic location.

Throughout your stay, our highly-skilled team will stand discretely by your side to make your vacation a lifetime experience while offering to you premium services. From the moment of the initial contact until the day of your departure, our expertise will always be at your complete disposal so as to reach our ultimate goal which is for our guests to have one and only worry while being in Mykonos: how to make the time stop!

Stay with us and let us introduce you to the most prestigious and charming side of Mykonos!

The finest villa collections in Mykonos

MLV- Mykonos Luxury Villas is delighted to have handpicked the finest villas on the island and to have created ten upscale collections for our esteemed clientele to have the ability to choose according to their very own taste and criteria.

Our portfolio of Mykonos Villas is selected with strict standards that we frequently review in order to guarantee the quality and maintenance of their facilities, always closely collaborating with the property owners and the in-house staff. Our collections that consist of Mykonos luxury villas, were wisely created based on the preferences of our guests and their desire to enjoy certain aspects of Mykonos; if that is being close to the cosmopolitan lifestyle, then the Town Proximity Collection is a group of thoughtfully gathered properties located within walking distance from the picturesque Mykonos Town, or within a five to ten-minute driving distance from it. The Beach Proximity Collections would be the most suitable for travelers wishing to stay close to the Aegean blue waters, and the organized coasts, where you may find some of the most famous beach restaurants, bars and clubs, while enjoying easy access to the beach, either laying on the shore or being within a short walk or drive from it. On the other hand, the waterfront collection, is for the guests who wish to hear the sound of the waves while relaxing at the villa and access the sea in a few steps.

For the guests who prefer to visit Mykonos and enjoy their vacation in total privacy and serenity near the virgin shores and the natural landscape, the Privacy and Seclusion Collection would be a perfect match. This collection includes some of the island’s biggest and most impressive Mykonos villas, built in their own plots, in tranquil areas, where you may spend your days with ultimate comfort in total privacy. Our Modern Design Collection will surely impress those who have a passion for high-end aesthetics. Since it features villas with modern minimalistic aesthetics that have been decorated with known designer furnishing and also combine the traditional Mykonian architecture, resulting in a marvelous atmosphere that enthuses even the most demanding guests.

If Mykonos is your chosen destination for a special occasion, then you are welcome to explore our Party and Celebrations Collection, where you will find the appropriate Mykonos Luxury Villas to host your event. In this collection, we have selected some spacious impeccable properties which are ideal for weddings and receptions, as they are in magical locations, and many of those also feature little picturesque churches on the premises.

The sunset collection and the infinity pool collection are dedicated to the guests who love gazing at the sunset from the comfort of their villa, while the fitness collection is for travelers who combine mind relaxation and entertainment with body well-being.

Our collections are attentively created to fit every guest’s desires and to facilitate your research for the ideal Mykonos Villa along with our valued assistance in every step of the reservation process. Our MLV Team is always ready and willing to offer additional information and assist you in the best possible way in order for you to choose the perfect Mykonos villa for your vacation.

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MLV – Mykonos Luxury Villas combine expertise and passion which spring from 14 years of experience that will make your vacation an effortless and lifetime experience for you.

Our concierge services constitute a vital aspect of our dedication to our clients’ comfort and assurance of an entertaining experience. The high quality of our services is guaranteed, as we select, train and supervise the most capable personnel to be at your 24/7 disposal. Partnerships always play a significant role in accommodating our client’s needs and that is why we cooperate with a selected team of local partners to achieve the most pleasurable stay for you.

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