M-eating restaurant Mykonos was founded only a few years ago, when a 19th century traditional building was completely renovated. It offers a Mediterranean and Greek menu based on old recipes reformed into modern dishes. It is situated in the heart of chora Mykonos, on a beautiful alley near Matogianni Square

After a long, successful career in five star hotels next to well-known chefs, Panagiotis Menardos – owner and chef of M-eating restaurant Mykonos – decided to take the risk and offer his own dishes to the public. He decided to offer local tastes to the guests that were tired by the international fancy cuisine offered by most Mykonos restaurants – and he succeeded.

M-eating restaurant Mykonos was carefully designed to fit in the neighborhood, a traditional Mykonian area with narrow alleys and whitewashed cubic buildings. Guests can choose between three dining areas to appreciate their meal, according to their needs: the wonderful green garden, the quiet indoor salon next to the open kitchen and the noisy raised terrace next to the alley.

The chef serves his specialties in a variety of extraordinary plates with different dimensions, shapes and materials; a good quality meal needs to be presented in an interesting way. A good wine list with Greek wines is available and the staff will help you choose the best one for your dinner. Some good dish choices are the fresh garganelli pasta with tomato, feta cheese, garlic, onion, and olives and the lamb sous vide with zucchini puree, “sfougato” (a Mytilini style omelete) and baby zucchini.