Mesmerizing Sunsets in Mykonos

One of the most picturesque corners of the island is Alefkandra or little Venice, an area with houses literally lying in the sea that began being built from the mid 18th century and accommodated rich merchants and captains.

Great architecture with colorful houses, windows, doors, stairs, wooden balconies literally washed by the waves give the neighborhood a sense of the famous Italian city. Numerous bars and restaurants assuring an amazing experience for every taste can be found there. Needless to say that little Venice is the place to be to enjoy your cocktail while the sun dives in the sea…

A good idea is to visit Mykonos shortly before or shortly after the high summer season. May, the first days of June, September, even October are very good periods to visit. You will avoid crowded sightseeing, you will enjoy your time as well as some of the most famous beaches in Europe.