Kiki’s Τavern Mykonos is perhaps the best traditional tavern on the island. It is located on the beach of Saint Sostis and in order to find it you have to follow the locals’ instructions, as the tavern is hidden under the trees and there is no sign to help you.

There is neither electricity nor telephone at Kiki’s Τavern Mykonos. You cannot make a reservation and the only way to find a table is to join early the queue of people waiting outside the entrance. The tavern opens daily at 12.30, so if you arrive at 12 you have a good chance of finding a table soon. Even if you have to wait, this will not be a bad experience. Grab a glass of wine, relax on the stone benches under the trees and chat with other people waiting. Or go to swim in the turquoise clear waters of the unspoiled beach, making sure you always leave someone behind to hold your spot on the queue.

All the dishes at Kiki’s Τavern Mykonos are baked on the grill, in a small built barbecue. You can choose between fresh fish, octopus, chopped pork or stuffed chicken breast. Seafood is served with salad garnish and meat with roasted whole potatoes. The portions are large and there are also vegetarian options available such as the grilled large wild mushrooms. Inside the small kitchen you will find a salad bar with a wide variety of fresh, delicious salads. Order some white or rosé barrel wine and take your time to enjoy your traditional Greek meal and the wonderful view. No matter how big the waiting queue is, nobody will be in a hurry for you to leave.