Kiku Mykonos is the main restaurant of Cavo Tagoo, one of the most beautiful mykonos luxury hotels. Situated right next to the hotel’s stunning infinity pool, Kiku offers amazing views to the sea and Mykonos city, sophisticated surroundings and the best Japanese menu.

Kiku Mykonos have been known to the Athenian elite since 1993, when the first Kiku Members Club in Kolonaki was created by Leonidas Goulandris. It was the first restaurant that introduced sushi to Greeks as a gastronomic pleasure. The luxurious ambience, the high quality Japanese fusion cuisine and the impeccable service quickly led Kiku to the top of preference among celebrities and gourmet lovers who do not hesitate to spend more on a really enjoyable meal.

Responsible for the high aesthetics in decoration of Kiku Mykonos is a group of well-known Japanese decorators who originally designed the site. Recently the designer Sissy Fidas made a discreet renovation to the interior. Clean lines, wooden surfaces, heavy fabrics and white color dominate the place. One of the restaurant’s corners has been transformed into a bar where visitors can enjoy a signature cocktail or one of the many different kinds of sake from Kiku’s extended menu.

The gourmet cuisine of Kiku Mykonos is strictly Japanese and is based on traditional recipes enriched with modern touches. Ingredients are always fresh. In addition to Kiku’s famous sushi, it is worth tasting some of the special dishes such as the Shrimp Tempura Roll with Salmon Tartar and Kabayaki Sauce and the Duck with Amazu Ponzu and Truffle Wasabi Salsa. The desserts are all great, especially the Guanaja Lava Cake and the splendid sorbets.