Kalua Mykonos has been one of the best classic options in Mykonos nightlife for the last 14 years. It is located on the idyllic Paranga Beach on the south coast of the island, away from chora Mykonos and the large masses of tourists. It opens at 10 am and operates as a beach club, a restaurant and a nightclub.

The brand name Kalua Mykonos has been known to Greeks and tourists for 36 years now, as it includes several nightclubs on the islands and other tourist areas in Greece. Kalua Mykonos parties are unforgettable, the DJs hosted are internationally renowned and the venue attracts many celebrities every year.

Kalua Mykonos is an ideal destination for those traveling by private yacht as its organized beach includes a shipping spot. 330 luxurious sunbeds await you to enjoy the sea all day long. Start with a coffee or a soft drink at your sunbed, appreciate a delicious meal at the restaurant and, after 5pm, dance to the music and join the fun. In the evening, Kalua Mykonos guests may be more than 1000.

The dining tables at Kalua Mykonos are set on a comfortable, beautifully designed veranda with a great sea-view which can accommodate 210 people. The environment is luxurious and relaxing and all the dishes are great.

The cuisine is gourmet Mediterranean and the menu includes refreshing salads, pasta and risotto, appetizers and cold dishes. It is complemented by a big wine, champagne and cocktails list and a variety of great desserts. It is worth trying the Grilled Octopus with Champignon mushrooms, capers and vinegar sauce or Ceviche Wild Bass with chilli, kumquat, beetroot and purple potato chips.