I Frati Mykonos is combining the fabulous Cyclades experience with an Italian touch, it is a successful all-day restaurant from Athens with the finest Italian products and fresh local materials always carefully selected with a well known culinary name behind it. The restaurant opens in the morning offering comfort suggestions, and in the evening Italian, light cuisine, with thrilling flavors showcasing the best advantage of the consultant chef’s which is no other but the emerge of taste.

With a stunning view of Delos across the sea, enjoy your breakfast along with a freshly brewed espresso. If you’re in a hurry, grab your brunch on the fly while heading to the gold-sanded beaches.

A straight-forward yet progressive à la carte menu, drawn from Italian culinary influences and international trends. Complete your experience by visiting the most complete delicatessen on the island, I Frati Mykonos. A Mediterranean blend, under the Mykonian night sky.

Make sure to visit while at Mykonos with MLV – Mykonos Luxury Villas.