11.300 square feet of a distinctive botanical garden in the heart of Chora, Mykonos. Open to the public and surrounded by towering pines, exotic cacti, and palm trees. An unexpected image of Mykonos is one that is constantly cool and protected from the breeze. We run the coolest lounge cafe-restaurant on the island, Cine Manto Restaurant, as well as the open-air cinema Cine Manto among these magnificent gardens. Without a doubt, one of your destinations. Under the brilliant stars of the Aegean sky, the open-air theater Cine Manto offers a tranquil and dreamlike vision. Starting on June 1 and running through September 30 you may watch the best films, both for adults and kids, that have just been released globally. Greek subtitles are available for all of the movies’ original versions. In addition to the outdoor theater, the Gardens are home to the hippest cafe-restaurant on the island, Cine Manto Restaurant, which is open all day and serves a variety of food, drinks, brunch items, Greek breakfast, barbecue, and drinks to anyone looking to unwind, host a gathering, conduct business, or just relax.