Void Club Mykonos is a three-level night club on the outskirts of chora Mykonos. It is one of the greatest and best clubs in Mykonos, where many well-known DJs play the most recent hits of dance music and artistic events are hosted. If you wish to get into the heart of Mykonos nightlife, this is one of the best places to start.

The interior’s design and decoration keep up with the minimalistic architecture of Mykonos but at the same time they provide very modern, lavish and comfortable surroundings. Each one of the Void Club’s 3 levels has a different decoration and purpose.

At the First Level you will find 2 extensive bars and plenty of space to socialize or dance. On the dance floor you will enjoy the fantastic light show and the impressive sound of the latest dance hits that one of the experienced, well-known DJs pick up for you.

Unique and specially designed tables cover the Second Level of the Void Club Mykonos, looking over the bars and the dance floor downstairs. The location and the size of each table are designed to meet any customer’s needs.

The highest floor of the Void Club Mykonos, the Third Level, has private booths with big tables and comfortable sofas that can host up to 30 guests. Here you can enjoy the astonishing view of the whole interior and a unique experience of relaxation.

Void club Mykonos has its own, private, VIP area. Located above the main floor, the Gallery has a private bar, VIP tables and big sweeping windows looking over the dance floor. You need a special invitation to enter the Gallery and well-known artists hold their exhibitions here.