Right next to the famous Kalafatis beach, there is the smaller beach of Agia Anna where the rocks form a beautiful, idyllic cave above the sea. Spilia Mykonos is nested inside and in front of this cave. Spilia in Greek means cave.

The location is magnificent and Spilia Mykonos looks like hanging over the blue waters of the Aegean Sea. The natural rocky formations of the cave serve as the walls and the roof of the restaurant and the few additional structures, such as the bar, are also made of stone. The tables are placed on a natural platform of rocks, in front of the cave. The decoration is minimal and highlights the natural beauty of the venue.

Spilia Mykonos was created 30 years ago and has been recently renovated. It works mainly as a restaurant for lunch or dinner, but also as a cocktail bar with refreshing cocktails and drinks to enjoy the wonderful sunset view or to start your evening with. It is ideal for couples, as the environment is incredibly romantic.

The menu includes Mediterranean and Mykonian dishes with seafood and fish as their main ingredient. Seafood is kept in a small sea-water pool until you make your order, so that your meal is as fresh as possible. The most famous dish of Spilia Mykonos is lobster pasta but you will also find other delicious choices with mussels, oysters, crayfish and urchins.

Whether you choose Spilia for your meal or your cocktail, you will definitely enjoy an amazing natural environment which is unique to the entire island of Mykonos.