Scandinavian bar Mykonos is one of the oldest entertainment venues on the island, it is operating since 1978 and until today it holds a special place in Mykonos nightlife. It is located just a few meters from the sea, in the area of ​​Barkia in Mykonos town – a region full of bars and restaurants.

Scandinavian bar Mykonos covers an entire block and resembles a small “state” where people are having fun until the early hours. It consists of an open-air square full of tables and chairs, two outdoor bars, a raised terrace and an indoor dance floor. Next to the dance floor there are the DJ’s decks that have hosted several well-known DJs, experts in modern dance music. The DJs keep the spirits high all night long with the latest musical hits and the intense lighting on the dance floor, reminiscent of a disco.

It is a classic choice of all times for those who want to drink and meet new friends, as new guests discover the scandinavian bar Mykonos every night while wandering in the beautiful alleys of mykonos city. The music is not too loud at the outdoor areas so that you can discuss with others or relax enjoying your drink or even dance.

Experienced bar tenders are preparing stunning cocktails and the presence of 2 outdoor bars makes ordering a drink an easy procedure. The atmosphere is friendly and cheerful and the venue is full of young people who know how to have fun. Scandinavian bar Mykonos operates from early in the night until morning.