Ornos beach Mykonos, an organized family-friendly heaven, is located on the southwest of the island, within a short drive or, for the bravest, a long walk away from Mykonos Town.

Time spent in Ornos beach Mykonos can be an all-day experience with numerous wonderful beachfront restaurants and cafes. The location is ideal for a traditional meal in a Greek tavern by the sea for a family or group of food enthusiasts with seafood and local wine to revitalize your senses, like the charming Apaggio beachfront restaurant. Enjoy the sunset taking a golden shade and disappearing into the Aegean with a cold drink in hand and let the water take you on a majestic adventure in the home of Poseidon, at the seaside Kuzina, Pasaji or Buddha-Bar beach-restaurants.

After your relaxing time in this Aegean gem in the Ornos sunbeds and canopy tents, you can enjoy your time in the sea doing watersports in an inspiring scenery. A diving school, as well as schools for sea-skiing and windsurfing, are available in Ornos beach.

Some of the finest Mykonos luxury villas are offered for rent on and around Ornos beach for those looking to take in the summer breeze while dining on a private veranda at Mykonos Luxury Villas in Ornos. Villas in the area are an excellent option for guests looking to be away, but nor far away from Mykonos Town.

A diving school, as well as ski school and windsurfing, are also available. Some of the best hotels on the island are located around the beach. It is one of the few beaches that suggested as well for evening hours, as the restaurants and the beach bars stay open until late. Ornos is a wind-protected beach since this is very important for this windy island.