Mosaic Mykonos mixes and matches flavors from around the world, offering an eclectic yet carefully curated selection of premium cuts and authentic Japanese sushi, Greek and Mediterranean classics, brunch favorites, globally inspired cocktails, and more. An international wine gem, offering fine shisha concoctions.

One of his most Instagrammable spots on the coast of Mykonos, Mosaic Mykonos is the island’s newest hangout and dining venue where you can eat, have fun, and flirt.Aside from the Aegean Sea views, there is attention to detail here, but the atmosphere is at once cool, casual, uplifting and evocative.

Like an intricate jigsaw puzzle where the pieces fit together, Mosaic Mykonos weaves a multisensory experience that soothes and delights taste buds, moods and cravings alike. Discover the world on your plate with us!