Liasti beach restaurant Mykonos is located on Lia Beach, one of the most peaceful and remote beaches on the island of Mykonos. It is a small complex that operates all day and includes a restaurant, a bar, a boutique with summer clothes and accessories and waiter and wellness services by the sea.

Lia Beach is not organized and is located in the south-eastern part of Mykonos. It is quite far from chora Mykonos and cannot be reached by local bus – you can only go there by your own car or by taxi. This is why the beach has relatively few visitors and retains its virgin natural beauty. It is a favorite destination for those who want to enjoy the tranquil side of Mykonos, away from the noisy crowds.

Liasti beach restaurant Mykonos was created in 2013 when Valeria and Fabio Cicala and Massimo Cirillo bought the site which was known then as La Luna restaurant and renovated it completely. Its decoration is simple but elegant and blends harmoniously with the natural environment. At the back of the restaurant there is a large vegetable garden where the owners cultivate their own fresh vegetables and fruits. The handmade wooden sun beds on the beach were designed specifically for Liasti by Jimmy Romeo.

Using the fresh vegetables of their own production and other fresh products from the local market, the chefs of Liasti beach restaurant Mykonos, Manos Gaitanakis and Alessandro Maria D’Avino, create delicious dishes of Greek and Italian cuisine. Try the fish croquettes with homemade mayonnaise or the handmade tallities with lobster.