On a beautiful, remote beach, in the northeastern part of Mykonos island, is Fokos tavern Mykonos, a wonderful example of the traditional Cycladic architecture. Here you will find everything you expect from your holidays in Mykonos: good Greek food, amazing natural landscape and relaxing environment.

To reach Fokos Tavern Mykonos you have to go through Ano Mera and head north following the tavern’s signs. It’s not an easy route but the destination will be rewarding. Fokos tavern Mykonos philosophy is to return to the basic pleasures of life, such as relaxing on a pristine beach under the bright sun, breathing the fresh air of the Aegean Sea and tasting a delicious, healthy meal together with good friends.

If you choose to sit at one of the inside tables, you will experience the authentic Mykonian decor of the interior, with arches, curves and comfortable, built sofas attached to the walls, all in white. The outdoor tables are set on a large shady, stone-paved veranda with magnificent views to the small bay with the golden sand and the wild rocks across the water.

All dishes at Fokos tavern Mykonos are traditional Greek, perfectly cooked and made with fresh ingredients. You will find all the classic Cycladic specialties, fresh fish and seafood, grilled meats and tasty salads. The variety of appetizers is great and you will find it difficult to choose. Beyond the classic Tzatziki and Baked Zucchini, it is worth trying the Fresh Mussels with wine sauce and the Daily Pie, which is different each time. For a dessert pick Angel Cake with fruit and homemade ice cream. The wine list is limited but includes some of the finest Greek wines.

Do not forget to take your swimsuit with you to dive in the crystal clear waters of the beach in front of Fokos tavern Mykonos.