This brand-new Italian restaurant, provided by the Belvedere hotel, is magnificently situated on the seashore and is surging high on the Mykonian waves. Little Venice’s Cocco Mykonos is a small restaurant that was purposefully created to feel intimate, like a special find you’d prefer not to share with anybody but your closest friends and family.

Although Cocco Mykonos is here to establish its own claim in the center of downtown Mykonos, nostalgia is inextricably interwoven with this ancient 200-year-old house that once served as a partial home to the famed Caprice.

A brief pause at Cocco Mykonos blue bistro tables overlooking the Mediterranean Sea at the conclusion of an afternoon stroll or the start of a beautiful evening is all it takes to transport you.

The next best thing to tasting the wonderful fare is to spend the evening observing the vibrant summer people as they pass by while intoxicated by Greek sunshine. In fact, one evening at Cocco Mykonos is sufficient to persuade anyone that they are in the ideal location at the ideal time, particularly when the light begins to wane and the sun’s fiery disk falls below the horizon, creating an exquisite tableau vivant.