Aroma cafe bar Mykonos was founded in 1996 when Kyriakos Nikolakopoulos and Vassiliki Mandakis decided to live permanently in Mykonos island and wanted a place to welcome their friends. They discovered an abandoned site on Matogianni Street in the center of Mykonos town and with a lot of work they turned it into a beautiful café bar.

Initially, guests were mainly Europeans and Americans who were attracted by the philosophy of Aroma cafe bar Mykonos. The owners, having also lived in USA, offered a special quality service outside of the typical island approach. Gentleness, unpretentious simplicity in communication and authentic hospitality of the owners attracted new people and soon Aroma became a favorite spot even among the celebrities.

Aroma cafe bar Mykonos opens from 8:30 in the morning offering coffee, rich breakfast, natural juices, fresh salads and delicious snacks. Coffee here is one of the best on the island of Mykonos and if you catch up on one of the outside tables, you will enjoy it watching people passing by at the busy alley.

The interior of Aroma cafe bar Mykonos is simple, elegant and in perfect harmony with the Cycladic architecture. White color, wood, curves and a classic, large vault in the center dominate the place.

The music is relaxing, mostly ethnic from all parts of the world – completely different from the loud dance music that almost all bars of Mykonos play. Aroma café bar Mykonos is ideal for the first drinks of the evening and its cocktails are made with a lot of imagination. Ask for a Batanga cocktail or a Ketel One.