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Holidays in Greece are usually connected with images of dining next to the sea, in a peaceful natural environment. As Greece is surrounded by the sea, the ocean’s treasures come to your dish really fresh, accompanied by equally fresh vegetables and fruits from the small, local farms.

Eating on the seaside is a tradition in Greece. The pleasant surroundings, the smell of the sea and the slow Greek way of dining with friends make the whole experience a kind of ritual that satisfies all your senses. This is the reason why you see so many beach restaurants all over Greece and most of them are full.

In Mykonos, you will find a lot of beach restaurants and each one has its own character. What they have in common is the great quality of dishes, the relaxing ambience and the friendly services from the hosts. Many guests who stay in Mykonos Luxury Villas prefer to have a meal outside their accommodation at a nearby beach restaurant on a daily basis.


  • Kikis Tavern

Kikis is one of the most traditional Greek restaurants in Mykonos. There is no electricity or telephone, so you cannot make a reservation. The tavern is located on the serene beach of Agios Sostis and you may need to follow the locals’ instructions to find it.

The best way to ensure you will find a table is to arrive there early, around 12 noon. You may have to wait on a queue at the entrance but you will be well rewarded for your patience. Everything in Kikis Tavern is cooked on an outdoor charcoal grill and you can choose between seafood or meat dishes.


Kikis Tavern


  • Scorpios

At the end of Paraga beach you can find Scorpios. It looks more like an Indian meditation venue with emphasis on natural elements and a healthy way of living. The decoration is elegant and the atmosphere is relaxing. Mediterranean gourmet dishes are served in big wooden plates, encouraging sharing food with your friends.

At Scorpios facilities you can combine your meal with sunbathing, shopping or swimming in the sea or the pool. The kitchen is open from 1 in the afternoon until 1 after midnight. If you happen to be there at sunset, make sure you attend the sunset ritual.



  • Nammos

Nammos is a chic, all day resort including a beach restaurant. It is located at the famous Psarou beach and you will often see celebrities among the guests. The beautiful sandy beach, a shisha lounge, a beach bar and a boutique with famous designers’ clothes will make you want to stay here all day.

The menu at Nammos is based on the traditional Mediterranean or Eastern recipes with a modern touch. The restaurant has a great champagne list which includes some of the most expensive or rare labels. If you feel tired or dizzy, you can take a rest in one of the 4 luxurious cabanas Nammos offers.




  • Spilia

The name means “cave” in Greek and describes the unique location of the restaurant. It is actually built in a cave, using a flat rock to place the tables, right next to the sea. The natural rocky formations serve as the walls and the roof of the restaurant. You will find Spilia at the small Agia Anna beach, next to Kalafatis.

At night, hundreds of candle lights create an especially romantic ambience for dining, ideal for couples. For a special occasion, you can book a private table away from other guests. The menu is Mediterranean, based on fresh fish and seafood. Spilia serves lunch and dinner.




  • Principote

Panormos beach is a wonderful piece of land located in the heart of a protecting bay at the north of Mykonos. The location is rather serene as most visitors prefer the southern beaches.

On this amazing beach you will find Principote, an elegant bohemian restaurant with lounge music and relaxing atmosphere. The natural materials used bond perfectly with the landscape: wood, stone, reeds and white cotton fabrics.

Principote offers creative Mediterranean cuisine with fresh ingredients and delightful tastes. If you like to explore and want to spend more time in the area, you can visit the boutique or lay back on a comfortable sun lounger enjoy the sun and the sea.






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