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Mykonos is not only intensive nightlife and crowded beaches. There is another face of Mykonos revealed only to those who search for the wild beauty of a barren Cycladic island or a virgin beach.

It was this wild beauty that made Mykonos a favourite summer destination for the rich and famous during the 50s and 60s. At that time, Mykonos was a quiet fishermen island full of long, serene sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Celebrities who wanted to avoid crowds and photographers started visiting the island for a relaxing, quiet vacation.

Today most of the beaches have become fully or partly organized, big hotels have been built almost everywhere and tourists come by thousands to the island. But for those who want to see the quiet part of Mykonos, there are still a lot of tranquil places to visit and enjoy nature.

  • Villas located in virgin areas – Lia, Agrari, Kalafatis

    Renting a Mykonos Villa is probably the best option for someone who wants pure luxury and relaxation. Mykonos Luxury Villas can be found everywhere, from the busy Mykonos Chora and party beaches to the virgin areas of Lia, Agrari and Kalafatis.

    Lia is the most far off, developed beach from Mykonos Town. It has thick sand, two restaurants, a diving center and several sun loungers and umbrellas.

    Agrari is an almost virgin, wild beach, half sandy and half rocky. It is located between Elia and Paradise beaches and you will find only one beach bar and one restaurant nearby.

    Kalafatis is a long, sandy beach perfect for families with young children as it is half-organized but still with a lot of space to play on the seaside. It is easily accessible by car and has two restaurants and watersports facilities.

    All these areas have a lot of villas to rent, located either near the seaside or on the cliffs around the beaches. Choose the one that suits you and enjoy nature’s sounds and wonderful views.


  • Virgin beaches – Fokos, Fragia, Merchia, Lia

    If you like pristine landscapes and undeveloped nature, these 4 beaches will become your favourite ones.

    Fokos is a golden sandy beach at the north of the island, located in Myrsini Bay. You will find nothing but a restaurant here. The winds at Fokos beach may blow really wild but during the windless days, it is one of the most beautiful and relaxing beaches.

    Fragia is one of the secret beaches of Mykonos as it has become accessible only the last few years due to ownership of the access area. You need to walk 15 minutes on a path or visit the wonderful sandy beach by boat and you must have everything you will need with you, as there are no facilities on site.

    Merchia is a small, sandy beach with deep blue waters, located at the northeast corner of Mykonos island. A few trees next to the sand offer some shade to its few visitors and some steep rocks at the end of the beach are perfect for snorkeling. It has no facilities at all.

    Lia is the most developed of all 4 beaches, for those who prefer a balance between calmness and amenities.


  • Restaurants away from the noise – Fokos restaurant, Liasti restaurant, Kikis tavern

    You may have the impression that all restaurants in Mykonos are gourmet, fancy and expensive. Most of them are, in fact, but there are also some serene eating places where you can enjoy a tasteful meal and the idyllic landscapes away from noise. Some of these are:

    Fokos restaurant at Fokos beach, offering traditional Greek dishes at indoor or outdoor tables. Typical Cycladic decoration, few visitors and reasonable prices.

    Liasti restaurant at Lia beach is a small day resort with a bar, a restaurant and a boutique. Vegetables and fruits come from the big garden which is right at the back of the restaurant. The menu is Greek and Italian.

    Kikis tavern at Agios Sostis beach has no electricity or telephone and all the traditional Greek meals are prepared on an outdoor built grill. You may have to wait on a queue for a table as some days Kikis tavern becomes very busy.


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