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Mykonos is well known worldwide for its intense nightlife, it’s Mykonos Luxury Villas and its elegant lifestyle. But for those who want to escape from the crowds, Mykonos has a lot of beauties to show: serene locations, wild landscapes, and virgin beaches.

Travellers who love adventures and activities near nature will find a lot of interesting things to do during their vacations on the island. Most of them are related to the sea, as Mykonos is surrounded by the wonderful Aegean sea.

  • Kite – surfing

Mykonos is called “the island of winds” as strong winds blow here most of the time. This makes Mykonos a paradise for Kitesurfers and a meeting point for many of them. One of the best beaches for Kite – surfing is Korfos, just 2.5 km from Mykonos Town. Here you will find Kite Mykonos School, where experienced trainers offer lessons for any level kite – surfers, from total beginners to experienced ones. The school is open from May to October and the lessons are offered in many languages – English, Greek, German, French and Italian. If you are planning to bring your own board, prefer one that is between 7 to 9 m, as this size is ideal for the 25 – 35 knots wind in the area.


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  • Scuba diving

This is a perfect way to see Mykonos seabed beauties and to exercise at the same time. Beginners can start from diving in shallow waters from a beach. More experienced divers can participate in diving trips, organized by Mykonos Diving Center. Some of the beautiful spots you can visit are the wrecks of Anna 2 and the Paradise Reef where you can hand feed the wrasses who live there, the Grouper Rocks with ancient remains and the Caverns near Dragonisi with glassfish, seals and yellow sea anemones. 


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  • Kayak

You can see some of the hidden treasures along Mykonos coastline by joining a daily kayak trip. It is a safe and fun way to explore the island. Mykonos Kayak Tours & Trails offers 3 different tours for you to choose from and provides you with all the equipment you will need. Experienced trainers will escort you and help you even if you are a beginner.



  • Jet skiing

For visitors who love speed, there are many spots in Mykonos to hire a jet ski. One of the biggest hiring agencies is located on Kalafatis beach but you can find more at the most organized beaches of the island. Jet skis can be hired by one or two persons, for 15 minutes to 1 hour. The agency trainers will show you the basics of safety and driving a jet ski and will give you a lifejacket to wear.



  • Flyboarding

This is one of the latest trends in watersports and is gaining a lot of fans as humans always wanted to fly! An easy way to find out how flying feels is flyboarding. Elia Mykonos Watersports offers flyboarding equipment and lessons. You will get all the equipment and a lifejacket. A boat with a captain and an instructor will pick you up from the dock and take you for a 20 minutes fun into the crystal clear waters.


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  • Buggy Safari

Buggies are these funny, small vehicles that you see on the sandy beaches. Buggies are not speedy but they are doing great on sand or very shallow waters. They take up to 2 persons and it is a fun and safe way to go for a small “safari” on the beach. Some of the car rental agencies on the island offer the option of renting a buggy. You can also find organized mini-tours where guests with a guide go on a buggy safari to see some of Mykonos’ beautiful landscapes, enjoying the sun and the fresh air.




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