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Cavo Paradiso

Cavo Paradiso

Cavo Paradiso club Mykonos has been on the list of the world’s best clubs for many years. This is no coincidence as it is considered one of the most splendid venues of the world by music artists and clubbers.

Cavo paradiso Mykonos is a semi-outdoor club built on a rocky hill close to Paradise Beach, with materials- wood and stone – locally sourced from the island of Mykonos. The building has developed through many years from a single room club to the spacious venue of today, with indoors and outdoors spaces. It managed to embody completely the beauty and nature of Mykonos island.

It always feels so good to be able to dance among the nature’s elements – and this is something Cavo paradiso Mykonos can offer. Here you can party all night long and watch the beautiful sunrise early in the morning.

Cavo paradiso Mykonos first operated in 1993 as an afterhours club. In its first years, famous American DJs were invited to entertain the guests and the news spread fast. More and more clubbers found out, more spaces were built around the first club and more well-known international DJs came to play all kinds of dance music. Each year thousands of clubbers visit Cavo paradiso Mykonos to enjoy its intense schedule with live events and the best DJs from all over the world.

Cavo paradiso Mykonos is definitely one of the places you should not miss, if you plan your holydays to Mykonos and if you want to experience mykonos at night.

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