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Mykonos is famous to the world not only for its intensive nightlife but as a gastronomic heaven as well. The variety of dishes, the fresh ingredients and the experienced chefs will satisfy the most demanding palates.

Remember that in Mykonos you can hire your own private chef to prepare your meals in your Mykonos Luxury Villa which is one of the concierge services we offer.

Here is a top 7 list with the best restaurants you can find in Mykonos Town, the capital of the island.

  • Remezzo

Remezzo is one of the oldest restaurants in Mykonos and has been connected to crazy parties and famous guests like Liz Taylor, Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn. It is located near the Old Port in an outstanding spot.

Today it works under a different management team and has been fully renovated. Its interior has a few tables, a dancing floor and a bar. After hours it becomes a nightclub but before dancing you can enjoy a gourmet meal with a great local or international wine.


  • Koursaros

The brand name came from Athens, after a successful 20 years presence there. Koursaros in Mykonos has a unique decoration, as everything there brings in mind the inner of a boat and the bottom of the sea. It is situated in a protected yard in the center of Mykonos Town.

Koursaros restaurant serves mainly fresh fish and seafood. Its name means “Pirate” in Greek and it offers a unique fine dining experience in a special environment.

Koursaros 1

  • Kiku at Leto Hotel

Kiku in Athens was the first restaurant that introduced sushi to the Greeks. Its presence in Mykonos counts only 7 years and the restaurant has recently moved to Leto Hotel facilities, in Mykonos Town.

The dining tables are placed around the hotel’s huge swimming pool and the menu is gourmet Japanese. The palm trees and the beautiful gardens of Leto Hotel offer a relaxing, elegant atmosphere to enjoy your meal.

Kiku 1
  • Interni

You will find Interni at the center of Mykonos Town, near Matogianni Square. It is actually a private yard, surrounded by tall trees and colorful flowers. For 10 years it has been one of the top choices for dining among celebrities and VIPs.

The menu is based on Greek and Mediterranean recipes, slightly twisted by the famous chefs to create delicious gourmet dishes. A big wine list includes labels from faraway places. If you don’t feel hungry you can just enjoy one of the signature cocktails, such as the Strawberry Mojito.

Interni 1

  • Ling Ling Hakkasan

Ling Ling in Mykonos belongs to the world famous chain of Chinese restaurants. The interior is decorated in Cantonese style and has a few tables, a bar and some private areas. Ling Ling has also some outdoor tables in an idyllic yard full of flowers.

The menu is Chinese with great influences by the local cuisine. One of the most famous Ling Ling dishes is the Peking duck with caviar. You can accompany your elegant Cantonese dinner with wine or sake.

Ling Ling 1

  • Sea Satin

Sea Satin restaurant is located in a privileged area, under the Windmills, in front of the seaside and next to the picturesque Little Venice. It serves Greek gourmet dishes with a lot of fresh fish and seafood.

There are indoor and outdoor tables, with the first ones being more suitable for chilly nights. If the weather is warm as normally is during the summer nights, you should choose an outdoor table. And if you arrive early, you can enjoy the spectacular sunset while having your meal.

Sea Satin 1

  • Nautilus

Just a couple of years ago, Nautilus moved to its recent location, Lakka, as its creators realized they needed more space. The tables are either at the veranda of the venue, or on the stone-paved street in front of it.

The menu is Mediterranean including a special category of traditional dishes. Nautilus is famous for its tasteful seafood meals but you can also find some very good dishes with meat or pasta. The kitchen is operating from evening to midnight but if you want to hang around a little later, the bar remains open until 2 in the morning.

Nautilus 1


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